One of the most exciting activity that one can look forward to during their travels to Rishikesh, is trekking to a waterfall. There are numerous hidden waterfalls around Rishikesh and they can be reached easily by treking or some form of transport. The city is surrounded by a very famous reserved forest: Rajaji National Park, and trekking through the forest to reach these waterfalls is an adventure within itself. These hidden treasures are well preserved and display distinct natural beauty as they are slightly on the outskirts of the city, hence why people go there to be at one with nature and rejuvenate themselves. It is such a refreshing experience once you've dived into the highland spring waters, leaving your soul feeling cleansed and connected to Mother Nature.

The most beautiful waterfalls around Rishikesh are: Neergarh Waterfall, Garud Chatti Waterfall and the Patna Waterfall.


The jade blue Neergarh waterfall also known as Neer Gaddu is located about 6km from Laxman Jhula on the Rishikesh - Badrinath highway. These natural waterfalls radiate their beauty as they thumble down the rocky cliffs and set into pools where you can bathe or dip your feet in the water. Post monsoon is the best time to visit as you will see the water cascading from thousands of feet from the mountain top.


50 rupees


This secluded waterfall is hidden amidst the lush greenery that envelops Rishikesh. It is smaller then Neergarh waterfall but just as beautiful. Garud Chatti waterfall gets it name from the Garud Temple nearby and is located about 5-6km from Laxman Jhula and on the way to Neelkanth Mahadev temple. The water flows from seven different points and collects at the centre of the waterfall, where a natural pool is created so that you can take a dip or just stand under the waterfall. Post monsoon is best time to visit when the lush green forests are even more greener and the waterfall is at its peak.




Patna waterfall is another popular waterfall where people go to spend time in solitude amidst nature. It is hidden within the forest and the trek is about an hour uphill from the road, it is quite a  difficult and slippery path but with good shoes it is all possible. The waterfall is located about 7km from Laxman Jhula and can be reached easily via bus, car and scooter.



  • Transport can be arranged by the hostel to take you to the waterfall.
  • We also arrange half day trip with a guide to take you to waterfall and back.
  • Transportation
  • Guide
  • For group bookings a minimum of 5-6 people are required for the hostel to arrange trip.